Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What can you do?

Do you feel that God is asking you to help save the lives of His children? Take a look at our list of ideas. If any of these strike your fancy send me an email and I will give you more instructions and materials. Some of these take as little as an hour so please send me an email! (Also if you have more ideas let me know so we can add them.)


1.Contact local Kiwanis, American Legion, Optimist, and Rotary clubs asking for speaking engagements. (These clubs purpose is to do community service so they will love you.)


2. Ask your church youth group to sponsor a church wide fundraiser. (Email me for a list.)


3. Have a speech party were everyone brings ten dollars for a net.


4. Ask to speak at your local library.


5. Ask to speak at local business. (Email me for ideas!!!) 


6.Ask a local track team or athletic club to sponsor a walk-a-thon.


7. Host a rally or march in your hometown as a way to raise awareness.


8. Put posters up in key points around your area, (Movie Theaters, Parks, ect.)


9.Contact Boys and Girls Clubs or other clubs of that nature asking the children to put together a fundraiser.


10. Contact local Christian schools asking if your can speak during “Chapel” they are always desperate for speakers.


11. Ask your AWANA club to sponsor of fundraiser.


12. Ask to have an interview on local radio and TV shows.


13.Write a letter to the editor to your local paper to raise awareness.


14.Conact a “city” of churches.


15.Conact 4-H groups asking them to be involved.

 Contact me if you would like to join the fight.


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